108 Seaboard Dr., Palatka, FL 32177 (386) 326-6061 Hours of Operation M-F 8am to 4:30pm Sat. 9am to Noon Closed Sunday


Aluminum Aluminum Cans Aluminum Pots and Pans Aluminum Siding/Gutters/Downspouts Aluminum Patio Furniture Aluminum Wheels Aluminum Wire Auto Batteries Brass Fixtures/Lamps/Decorative Items Cable, Fence and Wire Copper

Copper and Brass Plumbing Pipes, Valves, Connections Copper Tubing Copper Wire Electric Motors (Ceiling fans, old drills and saws) Insulated Wire (Christmas lights, extension cords) Radiators Screen Doors and Window Frames Stainless Steel (kitchen sinks) TV Cable

1st Coast Recycling

is located in Palatka Florida. A full service scrap metal yard, we also offer container services for temporary or long term needs.

We are part of the Putnam County community,

we are part of the solution.

Recycle with us.

Help by doing your part by saving the enviornment, and keeping our area clean.
We buy and sell metals listed on this page.


Appliances including stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners Automobiles Cast Iron Patio Furniture Cast Iron Outdoor Railing Farm Machinery Lawn Mowers Sheet Metal Steel Wheels Steel